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New Instrumental Album (Recording Has Begun) 

I have been writing songs for the better part of my life. I love writing and I love recording. To just be in the studio and let the creative process take over is something I am immensely grateful for. To allow the songs to breath, take shape and find their own form can be so rewarding when the end result reveals itself. I have currently begun work on my next album. As of now, it is untitled. This mixture of songs will be an all instrumental album. This will be my second all instrumental album and I believe strongly that instrumental songs can be just as powerful as lyrical songs and sometimes even more so. I look forward to sharing these songs with you in due time. Through music, we can all connect.

Army of Love (Childhood Battles) AVAILABLE ONLINE... 


Army of Love (Childhood Battles) is available for streaming and purchase on bandcamp. This is the only online digital platform the Army of Love album is being offered on. Click on the song for lyrics and credits. If you would like a physical CD then contact directly at dave_desmelik@hotmail.com. Please remember all the money from sales of this album will continue to be split between the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Make A Wish Central and Western NC, and Angel Flight Soars.


Reschedule date for Army of Love concert THURSDAY, JAN. 3rd -7:30pm 

Well the big snowstorm got us.... the Dec. 9th Army of Love album release and benefit concert had to be postponed because of bad weather conditions. The roads were extremely dangerous for driving, there were power outages in numerous places and rescheduling this show was the safest and smartest thing to do. The new show date is THURSDAY, JAN. 3rd -7:30pm at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. If you have tickets, but can't make it to the reschedule date, please contact The Grey Eagle www.thegreyeagle.com and the good folks there will be happy to assist you. If you don't have tickets, I believe there are still a few left and you can get them from The Grey Eagle website. THANK YOU so much for your understanding and I look forward to the show on Jan. 3rd.

I Hope You'll Consider Joining Us for a Very Special Show 

Tickets are now officially on sale for Army of Love (Childhood Battles)

Sunday, Dec. 9th, 2018 -7:30 at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC

An album release and benefit show for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, NC Make-A-Wish, and Angel Flight Soars

Everyone who purchases a ticket gets an Army of Love CD.

There will be standing, seated, and VIP tickets. Ticket sales and more info at http://www.thegreyeagle.com/event/1768840-dave-desmelik-army-love-asheville/

Army of Love (Childhood Battles) is an album of 11 songs that I wrote, arranged, and recorded. These songs revolve around pediatric illness and cover a wide range of emotions from anger and confusion to love and compassion. Although I wrote these songs, I knew I was not the one to sing them. I turned to some of my fellow musicians and friends in the Western NC region and asked for their help. There has been unwavering support for this project and I am grateful to the singers/musicians who gave their time and talent. Unbeknownst to them, my wife and I started calling them the 'Army of Love'. They are Amanda Anne Platt (The Honeycutters), Mike Ashworth and Mike Guggino (Steep Canyon Rangers), Andrew Scotchie, Jay Brown and Aditi Seth-Brown, Alexa Rose, Jimmy Davidson and Rob Brown (The Worthless Son-in-Laws), Melissa Hyman and Ryan Furstenberg (The Moon and You), Aaron Woody Wood, Laura Blackley, Jane Kramer, Shannon Whitworth. Additional musicians are Andy Gibbon, Josh Gibbs, and Derrick Gardner.

The goal with this album is to raise awareness of pediatric illness. Any and all funds raised by this project will be donated to charities that have helped so many kids and their families on this journey.


Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation - http://www.curethekids.org/

Make-A-Wish Central & Western NC - http://nc.wish.org/

Angel Flight Soars - http://www.angelflightsoars.org/ 

Army of Love 

Friends... I want to share some news with you. I have been working hard on a new recording project. It is a collection of songs I wrote, but I am not lead singing on any of the songs. Instead, I asked an all-star cast of western North Carolina musicians to sing lead vocals and I played the instruments. These are all songs relating to pediatric illness in one way or another. They are songs about hope, pain, confusion, and love. I am currently calling this project 'Army of Love'. Here is a list of the singers and players involved.... Amanda Anne Platt, Mike Ashworth and Mike Guginno, Andrew Scotchie, Jay Brown and Aditi Sethi-Brown, Alexa Rose, Jimmy Davidson and Rob Brown, Melissa Hyman and Ryan Furstenberg, Woody Wood, Laura Blackley, Jane Kramer, and Shannon Whitworth. Also adding their talent is Josh Gibbs, Andy Gibbon, and Derrick Gardner. My goal with this album is to raise awareness and any and all money from purchases will be donated to charities helping battle childhood illness. I look forward to sharing these songs with you in the coming months. Thank you so much for your support and more details to come.

Video for 'TIME' 

A few months ago I was writing songs for a new recording project when I was contacted by an independent film maker in New York City. Burning Goat Productions is the name of the film company and they were looking for someone to score music for a short film they were working on titled 'TIME'. Well, it's interesting because I was in the beginning stages of writing a song with the theme of time. Funny how these things happen.... the song works great for both projects. In a nutshell, I scored music for the film and also a video was made of the song I wrote 'Time', in promotion of the upcoming short film. I am extremely proud and honored to be a part of this wonderful project. Here is the video..... and stay tuned as I will share the film when it is officially released. Thank you!

...IMAGINATION... it is a good thing 

This is the official video for Imagination, a song I wrote for my youngest child, Vincent. This song is from a recent album by myself and Nolan McKelvey titled "Where It Takes Us". In the video you will see lots of dance moves, ninja moves, and smiling. And just in case you want to sing along, here are the lyrics...

You are lightning in a bottle... a momentary collection of dreams... from the inside looking outside... it's a big ol' world or so it seems

You're an instant classic... the day is yours, now go make your mark... ordinary is not your language... it's a big ol' world keep an open heart

They'll be many you will know... they'll be plenty who'll come and go... keep it steady, but rock the boat... and look out world cause here he comes

You're a powerful soldier... who says never give up the fight... imagination it is a good thing... it's a big ol' world shine your light

"Where It Takes Us"  

Where It Takes Us is the new duo album from myself and my musical compadre and old friend Nolan McKelvey. We've known each other for a long time and played together in a band called Onus B. Johnson many moons ago.... We've been talking about making a duo album for many years and finally we got tired of talking and made it happen. Nolan flew over to North Carolina from Arizona early last February for a couple days and we holed ourselves up in my home studio. We each brought five new songs, recently written, to the table for recording. We played music, we laughed, we drank, we did not sleep much... and we recorded this album. It is real and it is authentic. I hope you will check out the link where you can stream it in it's entirety and more-so, I hope you consider purchasing this album. Continued thanks to those who support independent music and artists. https://davedesmelik.bandcamp.com/album/where-it-takes-us-by-nolan-mckelvey-dave-desmelik